Pay As You Go/Drive Car Finance – What is it?

Welcome to Trade Price Cars (Essex) The UK’s Leading Pay-as-you-go Car Finance Specialist.

Pay as you go car finance is a fantastic new HP Finance product recently introduced allowing our car finance company to lend deeper into the Sub-Prime finance Sector.

This guaranteed car finance product is ideal for customer’s with bad credit scores and profiles, exbankrupt’s who have now been discharged, poor voters role trace, or clients who have not had loans or credit in the past.

Customer’s can borrow upto £5000 on this latest pay as you drive scheme on the basis that they have a full driving licence and can PROVE there income with either payslips or bank statements. We can also consider people on benefits or retired situations.


Once your guaranteed car loan has been agreed, we arrange to have a payment reminder device fitted to your vehicle prior to collection. Once you start you HP agreement you pay your agreed fixed monthly payment direct to the finance company. You are then sent a monthly activation code which will give you a further months driving hence the term “pay as you go car finance”

Need any further information or want to apply? Call our Dan or Graham today on 01268 766722 or apply direct on our website today.